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Never Too Late

Bill Keller, newly added to the opinion desk at the New York Times, adds his two cents to the growing mountain of 9/11 reflections, opinions, and posturing. (I’m really not looking forward to these exercises in filling column inches that will assault us in the coming days.) At least this one takes a somewhat critical view on those days when monumental decisions were given the rubber-stamp treatment.

On the post-9/11 fulminating that saw some prominent liberal voices become hawks or even outright shills for the Bush administration, Keller says, “I wanted to be on the side of doing something, and standing by was not enough.” In retrospect, the former executive editor of the New York Times describes Operation Iraqi Freedom as “a monumental blunder.” Should we be heartened by this admission? What is to encourage us that media has changed and won’t participate in lockstep with increasingly shrewd political propaganda?


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